Upcycling  vs. Recycling.            

Recycling creates reusable material, usually for the purposes of mass consumerism, from discarded waste.

Upcycling is whole new way of thinking about what would normally be discarded. Upcycling encourages thinking of new and innovative ways to use “trash,” instead of simply buying new commercial goods. This process also benefits the environment by promoting a reusable lifestyle over a disposable one.

The process of upcycling has been practiced for centuries, and factories have long used innovative upcycling techniques to ensure that nothing they handle goes to waste. The same couldn’t be more true for Kenyan artists. What we might normally think as trash becomes incredibly valuable to people who have little to spare.

Examples of upcycling can vary immensely. Some include building schools out of plastic soda bottles, turning plastic bags into yarn for knitting or even weaving plastic wrappers into modern fashion accessories.

Kindred Goods is proud to not only support artists in Kenya, but the environment too. Some of our upcycled products include paperbead jewelry made from old magazines, pins and earrings designed from soda cans & bottles and ornaments created from banana fibers. Yep, real bananas!

Paperbead Collage